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Summer Fun Take 3

Does it get any better this this on a hot summer day? K bought this slip n slide with her very own birthday money. She was so proud of her choice and has gotten a TON of great use out of it already. Next step…invite friends over to play on it with us. 🙂 (Daddy and Mommy slid on it with her the first day, but we have been less inclined to end up sore and bruised since that day. I still refuse to believe that means I am old!)

Look at her go! It is still many times of of running up to it, stopping and bending down to get on it, but she does occasionally actually slide on it now. 🙂

Need I say more?!


Smoothie Season

Green (or even brownish pink) smoothies are my new favorite.  Seriously delicious.  They look gross, but they taste YUMMY.  (At least usually.)  It is smoothie season!  And green is my new thing.  I primarily add spinach to mine (although today I added celery and carrot as well).  It somehow just feels healthier knowing it has vegetables along with the fruit.

One of my favorite combos:  coconut milk, banana, berries, spinach, and maybe vanilla protein powder.  Mmmmmm…..  I have been exploring Pinterest and blogs to learn some smoothie secrets.  One is how to get a smoother blend even when using extra crunchy stuff–especially when you don’t have a high tech blender.  But also some great ideas–like putting some of the concentrated smoothie blend in muffin tins to freeze, then bagging them so they are readily and easily available.  I am all about convenience.

Now, if I could just nix the cookies, ice cream, and other summery treats…..

Summer Fun Take 2

This sumer has been super busy so far and chock full of fun.  We enjoyed hanging out in a camp trailer with our friends.  Being avid campers as we are, we traveled super far to get there even–all the way out to our driveway!  🙂  I’ll admit…if I could camp in something like a mini-house and have someone else do all the work to set it up and tear it down, I would be all over it.  We had a good time catching up a bit with some friends from Portland and I personally loved meeting their newest addition and snuggling that little chunky monkey.

E and K had a great time hanging out together.  K camped out in the trailer with them and she LOVED it.  The girl is made for the outdoors, I think.

We’ve also enjoyed our “fun in the sun” purchase for these hot summer months.  (And yes, it is HOT here.  This PNW girl is soooo not made for this melting, sweltering heat.  Oh my.)  Good thing we have a backyard pool to cool off in–and it is longer than I am.  🙂



Summer Fun Take 1

We are enjoying some lovely summer fun already.  We were excited for our recent visit with Mimi and Boppa.  We LOVE it when they come!  And shortly before that we visited some cousins and had a short visit with Grandma and Grandpa.  We love to have people visit us!  And we love visit those we love (and miss)!

Here are just a couple pictures from our fun times.  First, K with Mimi and Boppa on the train–one of her  FAVORITE things to do!


And some fun with cousins and Grandma and Grandpa and friends from our past life.

And we already got to enjoy some VBS fun this past month.  I think there are at least two more we get to enjoy.  🙂

And another ride!

It definitely isn’t taking long for her to get the hang of it.