Exactly 5 years ago today I became a mommy.  My daughter turned 5 on Friday, but it was five years ago today we were introduced.  What a day that was!  We had a gestation period of about…16 hours, give or take.  We got a call on Saturday afternoon and picked her up from the hospital the very next morning.  We were in the middle moving out of our apartment and into our house.  Suddenly our cleaning deposit seemed entirely irrelevant.  I had baby stuff to take care of!  

My big girl is so excited to be five and loves to hear about how God brought her to us, handpicked to be in our family.  I love to remember that story, too.  Maybe sometime I’ll share it more in depth, but for now I will just say that I am so very thankful God blessed us with this fiery pistol of a clever little girl.  She definitely keeps us on our toes around here.

I am incredibly thankful for K’s courageous and selfless “tummy mommy” (as we call her around here).  That woman will always, always, always have an incredibly tender place in my heart even though I will likely not know her this side of heaven.  She remains a special part of our family’s story.  We love her for her gift to us and we pray for her and that we will one day meet her in Heaven.  Pray for her if you would.  I am sure this time of year, surrounding the time she said good-bye to a precious gift, is terribly challenging for her.  Pray God would give her great comfort and peace regarding K’s well being.

We are so blessed to have received this most precious gift five years ago today.