Matt and I went on a much-needed date last week.  We enjoyed a leisurely, child-free Mexican dinner; squeezed in a bit of impromptu shopping; and saw a movie.  It is a movie we really wanted to support because of its powerful message.  He expected it to be a little (or a lot) cheesy and/or preachy, but we both found it very enjoyable.  October Baby is a flick well worth watching in the theater!

Be prepared for a heartfelt and emotional story about forgiveness, redemption, and the gift of life.  I assure you the movie is quite moving, although I managed to hold in my tears until the very end!  🙂  It IS a story that will be a challenge for some to watch unfold because it is about the adoption of an abortion survivor.  But I strongly encourage you to go see it.  It is worth every penny.  And it is so important to support movies with a positive message so more will be made!

I am not the best critic of actors and lighting and graphics.  But nothing about the production was a distraction to the story, so I think that makes it great! The topic is such that I would be a bit choosy about the age and maturity of my child before taking them to see it.  But it could be a great conversation starter about the consequences of our choices in life and how they affect so many people aside from just ourselves.

Adoption is close to my heart and I do not agree with the lead family’s choices in how they chose to handle their daughter’s story.  But ultimately, this is a story that is much more about forgiveness, restoration, and redemption than about adoption, although adoption plays a significant role in the film.  It is most definitely a must-see.

Check out the trailer on YouTube here or here.