Will be the 2012-2013 school year secretary of the PTA? Yep….you guessed it. Me! The verdict is still out on whether this will be a positive or negative experience. But I hope it is a good one. Since K will be starting at the public school this fall, I want to find ways to be involved as much as possible. I plan to spend time in the classroom, but also desire to be as much of an “insider” as possible.

I suppose part of the beauty of small town life is that you run into motivated members of the PTA who heavily recruit “fresh meat.” Some might consider that an annoyance. But honestly, I think this is a God-thing for me. I had been considering participating with the PTA even before I knew they would have one here. I think the PTA does some really great things here (including providing some very low cost entertainment) and I am excited to see what it’s like to “live the dream” of being a PTA mommy. 🙂