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Day 3 and the honeymoon is over…

You know how some kids require a lot of parent teacher conferences? Ummm yeah…I might have one of those.

It is the third day of school and when I picked K up, I got the

I need to talk to you

from her teacher. You will never guess over what… That stinking school bus! Sheesh this kiddo is D.E.T.E.R.M.I.N.E.D! The first thing she said shouted to me when she spotted me in the crowd of parents was “Mom why are you here?! I am supposed to ride the bus!” And when she was dismissed into my care she promptly burst into tears and went on and on (yet again) about how it is not fair that she does not get to ride the bus like E. Apparently she spent some time today trying to convince her teacher that she was supposed to ride the bus; given what information I have from both parties, I am guessing she argued with Mrs. S for a while insisting she was “not lying” and was “telling the truth.” I am sure she that when I said this morning that some days she could ride the bus, she heard that today she would ride the bus. Pray for K’s teacher–she’s gonna need it!

Something tells me there are some bus rides in K’s future. If only we didn’t live a mere 3 blocks from the school….


Funny Girl

Kids say the funniest things. K is full of surprises. This will be familiar to those of you who are Facebook friends, but it is too funny to not mention here, where it can be saved for all posterity. (Does that even make sense? I don’t feel like looking it up to make sure…)

We have this kitten who is very playful and doesn’t quite get that her claws are poky and sharp. K gets frustrated with Rainbow (the kitten) because she frequently gets hurt by her. So the other morning K came and told me that Rainbow is mean because she scratched her. The conversation went something like this:

Me: Rainbow is still little and she is learning to be nice.
K: No she isn’t. She is big.
Me: She is bigger, but she is still little. Kinda like you: you are getting bigger but you are still little.
K: (sarcastically, with head shake and eye roll, and tone of disgusted disbelief). “Really. I am a baby cat? Really?” **If only you could have seen her and heard her tone. She was soooo exasperated that I would even suggest such a thing. Which, for the record, I didn’t. She drew that parallel herself and drew a conclusion from it. Smart as a whip she is!

Sunday morning we were walking to church and she told me she didn’t feel good. I asked where she didn’t feel good and she said: “My stomach hurts. It is going to throw a rock at me.” Ummmm….okay? (I think she maybe felt like she would throw up? Thankfully, that feeling passed.)

About a week ago, a short conversation went something like this:
K: “Who is coming over tonight?”
Matt: “No one.”
K: “But then why is our house so clean?!”
Ummm….yeah. That says a bit more about me than I’d like to admit….

And earlier this week:
Me: “What did you do at school today?
K: “I made pizza. All by myself. I didn’t need Miss Lisa’s help.”
Me: “Wow. What kind of pizza?”
K: “Macaroni.”
Me: “Do you mean pepperoni?”
K: (adamantly). “No. Macaroni.”
Me: “What did the macaroni look like?”
K: “Like this.” (She made a circle with her fingers.) “It was red.”

Puddle Jumper

I am trying something a little different and posting from the iPod touch. I definitely need an iPad. 🙂 If it works out, it may mean a few more posts–at least until the newness wears off.

K is a tried and true puddle jumper. That girl knowshow to dance in the rain! (And loves to jump in the puddles!) Most kids do, I think. They aren’t thinking about getting wet or being cold or other possible discomforts or embarrassments. They are joyful and smiling and simply enjoying the ride. I realize this is a bit of a generalization, but the point is the pure and simple joy kids experience in the things many of us not only take for granted, but are downright annoyed by.

And in our annoyance regarding the inconveniences we “suffer,” we miss the joy in life. We are so busy futilely trying to stay dry that we lose sight of the fun we can have splashing in the puddles–those places where maybe a lot of raindrops have gathered, but where joy can be found in its depths.

So go on–jump in a few puddles today! But bring a change of clothes and shoes. 🙂