I am feeling a bit more calm than I was about 20 minutes ago. But seriously! I have been dealing with this administrative situation with work for…well, just a couple months shy of a year at this point. HFC! (That means Holy Freaking Cow, by the way. I am not an OMG sort of girl as it is a mis-use of God’s name.)

Anyway… Without going into all the gory details, there is a bit of a discrepancy between our statement and theirs with regard to some payments. And oh my it is taking a LOT of my patience to work through it. I think we may finally be close to a breakthrough, though. Thankfully!

The woman I have been talking with graciously responded to my most recent email questions with a phone call. It was the right move, although I admit I was not thrilled to hear her voice on the other end. I had not called her because I am a bit too emotionally involved at this point and was pretty sure I would not come across sounding very kind or patient. (I think I did okay at covering. She didn’t hang up on me or tell me I was rude at least.) 🙂

I do believe we both genuinely want this to be resolved for once and all–no matter whose calculations are off. I am just soooooo ready for it to be over. Pray with me to that end, will you? Pray that God gives me patience, gives both of us clarity, and grants someone–anyone–the eyes to see the missing piece of this puzzle.