Green (or even brownish pink) smoothies are my new favorite.  Seriously delicious.  They look gross, but they taste YUMMY.  (At least usually.)  It is smoothie season!  And green is my new thing.  I primarily add spinach to mine (although today I added celery and carrot as well).  It somehow just feels healthier knowing it has vegetables along with the fruit.

One of my favorite combos:  coconut milk, banana, berries, spinach, and maybe vanilla protein powder.  Mmmmmm…..  I have been exploring Pinterest and blogs to learn some smoothie secrets.  One is how to get a smoother blend even when using extra crunchy stuff–especially when you don’t have a high tech blender.  But also some great ideas–like putting some of the concentrated smoothie blend in muffin tins to freeze, then bagging them so they are readily and easily available.  I am all about convenience.

Now, if I could just nix the cookies, ice cream, and other summery treats…..