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What a Deal!

I was awoken WAY TOO EARLY today. Well, my sister wouldn’t think so, but 4:30am is not my favorite “get up” time. But today it worked out because I sneaked away to use some Albertsons’ “twice the value” coupons and was able to score big! I got $78 worth of grocery products for $24. That is an overall savings of 83%! Hooray! I did three transactions (split because of twice the value coupon policy) and for one I owed $0! And another I owed $2. Love that! I got a handful of items for FREE, including pasta and facial tissues. One of the items on my list regularly costs $20 and I found a clearanced equivalent for half that price and bought a gallon of milk included in my total this morning. I am super excited about this. I know many of you don’t really care, but too bad. It’s MY blog! For those who DO care about such trivial matters, read on for details. 🙂

-4 Tillamook yogurts
-4 boxes facial tissue
-2 boxes angel hair pasta
-2 bags Hershey’s Bliss
-8 cans Progresso soup
-2 boxes Princess fruit snacks
-1 gallon milk (no sale, no Q)
-2 pkgs night sleepers (clearance, no Q)
-2 Breyers ice cream (1.5qt sz)(no dblQ)

Unless marked, It was on sale and I had a coupon and a doubler! I did have to purchase newspapers for the 9 twice the value coupons I used–and that was an additional $3.50 for the papers I chose. Still a great deal at $27.50, especially considering I would normally have spent about $23 just on the night sleepers and milk!

Sorry for the mundane specifics, but I REALLY LOVE a great deal on products I (mostly) buy anyway! And I enjoy it more as I share it over and over! (The Hershey’s was a splurge on clearance and with a coupon I found in the store on a display which made them about .50/bag.)

Happy deal hunting!

P.S. Matt said he would have liked the option to stop reading if you don’t care. But it was not–nor will it likely ever be–available to him. 🙂


Deal Addict

I LOVE to score a great deal on just about anything.  I am finally beginning to get back into the swing of using coupons and chasing deals again.  Between holidays and preparing to move and getting settled, I haven’t pursued many deals lately.  I have made a trip here and there, but honestly just lacked time, energy, and desire  until just this last week.  It truly is a bit more work to shop deals.  And definitely more time consuming.  But so totally worth it. (My pantry and freezer are getting full again!  Yay!)  I love when I see that I saved greater than 60%.  Okay, I LOVE it when I save more than 80%, but that is more rare for me.  I guess I need more practice.  🙂  It is a fun hobby to make my love for shopping even more fun–it becomes a game to see just how much I can save and what deals I can snag.  I am still not very familiar with the location of all the key stores in this area, so that makes some attempts a bit more daunting.  But overall, I think I’m gonna like coupon shopping here.  There are more options for sure.  Of course, that broadens my challenge…

And for non-food supplies, I think Staples will be a new favorite.  I just got 2 reams of paper that will cost me only .25 each after I get my rebate.  Not too bad…  And it is school supply season!  I am giddy just thinking about the deals to come in the next few weeks….  Don’t worry; I will totally keep you posted on the best deals I score!