At least someone was happy about vacuuming water out of the washer…

Not that I don’t love having a washer and dryer and dishwasher and all…. but seriously. Sometimes I think it would be faster to wash things by hand. Our washer kept giving me 2 letter sass that I had to look up in the troubleshooting section of the manual to decipher exactly what it wanted from me.  It just wouldn’t drain. Sheesh.  And now it won’t do anything except turn on!  AAAAARGGGH.

I finally resorted to sucking it dry with the shop-vac. There was about ten gallons of water in there! Is that normal?

See the pretty blue Kirkland detergent water in there? If only it would have drained out….

I think these “modern day conveniences” can sometimes be less than they are advertised to be. And sometimes they cause me MORE work rather than less. Of course, my great grandmother might think differently about that… Washboard washer and line dry, here I come?! Nah…I’ll stick with my modern day conveniences no matter how inconvenient. I don’t like dishpan–or washboard–hands. But then, I do like clean clothes….  And currently I can have one, but not the other without the first.  Or a laundromat.

Suggestions anyone?    If all else fails, we will have to resort to a real repairman.  :/ Say it ain’t so!