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Did you know that a rooster crow is NOT just an activity for a rooster?!  I had no idea such a thing existed until I moved to small town, USA–home of Rooster Crow Weekend.  🙂  Who knew?!

We had a fun time with friends at the parade and scored a bunch of candy.  Then we checked out the vendors in the area and K played in the bounce houses, which made me wish I was a kid again, too.  It was fun–comparable to other town events we have enjoyed in other towns, but new to us just the same.  We had a good time together and ran into a LOT of new friends.

And another ride!

It definitely isn’t taking long for her to get the hang of it.

Don’t worry; she wears a helmet. We just had to play with it awhile to get it to fit right. She had to have it on before we had the REAL road–the one beyond our driveway. 🙂


It may be a little hard to see, but you’ll notice most of window has been shattered out and the door has a few dents. Whoops!

And I am NOT talking about the candy bar!  Eeek.  There is this electrical pole that gets kind of wild sometimes and it totally crashed into our van.  True story.

It is in the church parking lot, directly behind one particular parking spot.  Apparently sometimes the pole gets agitated enough to jump out into a vehicle that gets too close.  I hear it’s happened to several people here.  I guess we are official residents and members of the church now.  I’m pretty sure I would have been perfectly happy with a less explosive initiation.

All in all, the damage was not too bad.  K freaked out (a LOT) and it was a minor inconvenience for a few moments and a couple days.  But really could have been soooo much worse.  And oh how my muscles will get a work out opening our rear door now!


Apparently graduation ceremonies begin in preschool now.  We got to see her walk down the aisle to the tune of pomp and circumstance.  This was almost a month ago now.  I am a bit behind the times.  But it was pretty cute.  Makes me a bit sad to end the pre-K times, but she is SUPER EXCITED to be in kindergarten this fall.

Check out the graduate in her self-made hat.  Ain’t she cute?

We had a great time celebrating K’s milestone birthday of becoming a handful (5)!  Ha–like she wasn’t already a handful!  We love her a ton and enjoyed celebrating her entrance into the world!

And we were especially blessed by some family and friends who traveled from quite a distance to celebrate K with us!  We feel so loved and it was good to get some time with our friends from our “former life.”  We miss them!

Enjoy the birthday show!

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Exactly 5 years ago today I became a mommy.  My daughter turned 5 on Friday, but it was five years ago today we were introduced.  What a day that was!  We had a gestation period of about…16 hours, give or take.  We got a call on Saturday afternoon and picked her up from the hospital the very next morning.  We were in the middle moving out of our apartment and into our house.  Suddenly our cleaning deposit seemed entirely irrelevant.  I had baby stuff to take care of!  

My big girl is so excited to be five and loves to hear about how God brought her to us, handpicked to be in our family.  I love to remember that story, too.  Maybe sometime I’ll share it more in depth, but for now I will just say that I am so very thankful God blessed us with this fiery pistol of a clever little girl.  She definitely keeps us on our toes around here.

I am incredibly thankful for K’s courageous and selfless “tummy mommy” (as we call her around here).  That woman will always, always, always have an incredibly tender place in my heart even though I will likely not know her this side of heaven.  She remains a special part of our family’s story.  We love her for her gift to us and we pray for her and that we will one day meet her in Heaven.  Pray for her if you would.  I am sure this time of year, surrounding the time she said good-bye to a precious gift, is terribly challenging for her.  Pray God would give her great comfort and peace regarding K’s well being.

We are so blessed to have received this most precious gift five years ago today.


A star in the making

I didn’t take this picture, but I LOVE it!  It was taken by a staff-mom friend while she was entertaining K for me so I could sneak in a few uninterrupted hours of work at the office.  They clearly had a great time and K is still sporting the pretty nails she got that day.  🙂  But this picture is so….amazing.  I love it!  And it shows how she usually feels about the rain.  She likes to be able to play outside, but she is used to rain  Rain feels like home. For me too, at this point.  Probably the people who live in this little town of ours are beginning to get a bit grumpy with the weather as it has rained a LOT this week.  And it’s JUNE!  Normally, I would be cranky, too, but instead I am reveling in the heaven-sent waters and relishing that it makes life here feel all the more like home.  Plus, it means I don’t have to water the lawn!

If only my response to all life’s rainy storms could be so positive.  What if we, like K in this picture, looked peacefully heavenward during the dreary rains in our lives.  How much clearer would our perspective truly be in the midst of life’s storms if we maintained confidence in knowing that God truly is good and He has our best in mind at all times.  

Let’s take today and be thankful for the freedom to sing and dance in the rain!

When I Grow Up

Apparently when K grows up, she will be a doctor.  As of tonight, we are supposed to call her Dr. K.  She spent quite a bit of time telling us about how when she is big and a doctor she will not be able to live with us anymore.  “I will be big and I will have a car.  A real car that I can drive all over!  I will come and visit you, but I will have to go back home.”  What?!  She is already making plans to move out and she hasn’t even finished preschool yet.  Ummmm….nooooooooo!  I’m not even ready for her entrance into kindergarten this fall, let alone for her to be a doctor that is too big to live with her parents.