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Dream Jeans

I seriously want these jeans.  They look so awesome.  I am pretty sure they would not look quite the same on me.  But if I find them in my size, I am totally trying them on.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE them.

Happy Birthday, Mom!

My mom is OLD today. Well, at least older than she was yesterday. Her age is easy to track because it is exactly 30 years more than mine. (Or 30 years more than what I will be by the end of this year.) Of course, this was easier to just know off the cuff when I could actually remember my own age. Hmph…must be a sign of aging. Or maybe brilliance. Yeah, let’s go with the latter. 🙂

My mom is pretty great. She even willingly made a special trip north to help us pack up and move. And it’s a good thing, because somebody had to get something done around there. And it clearly wasn’t going to be me.

Hope you have a great “21st” birthday, Mom. Uh…yeah. She *thinks* she turns 21 every summer. She doesn’t. She’s been 21 a LOT. 🙂

Sometimes I have these moments where so many feelings of thankfulness and awe rise up in me and I cry–or almost cry–at the blessing of it all. In so many ways, life is not what I had dreamed it would be. And in so many ways, it is so much more than I could have envisioned.

I am so grateful for my amazing blessings–two in particular in this moment. I am married to a great guy is who is a fun and playful daddy and a wise, tender and patient husband. And I have a beautiful and feisty little girl who is 5 going on 15. She is so sweet and good natured (most of the time). I love her zest for life and desire for adventure. And I love when she peacefully and soundly sleeps.

Thank you Jesus for these incredible bright spots in my world, and the ever-growing thankfulness in my heart.

Smoothie Season

Green (or even brownish pink) smoothies are my new favorite.  Seriously delicious.  They look gross, but they taste YUMMY.  (At least usually.)  It is smoothie season!  And green is my new thing.  I primarily add spinach to mine (although today I added celery and carrot as well).  It somehow just feels healthier knowing it has vegetables along with the fruit.

One of my favorite combos:  coconut milk, banana, berries, spinach, and maybe vanilla protein powder.  Mmmmmm…..  I have been exploring Pinterest and blogs to learn some smoothie secrets.  One is how to get a smoother blend even when using extra crunchy stuff–especially when you don’t have a high tech blender.  But also some great ideas–like putting some of the concentrated smoothie blend in muffin tins to freeze, then bagging them so they are readily and easily available.  I am all about convenience.

Now, if I could just nix the cookies, ice cream, and other summery treats…..

I LOVE to score a great deal on just about anything.  I am finally beginning to get back into the swing of using coupons and chasing deals again.  Between holidays and preparing to move and getting settled, I haven’t pursued many deals lately.  I have made a trip here and there, but honestly just lacked time, energy, and desire  until just this last week.  It truly is a bit more work to shop deals.  And definitely more time consuming.  But so totally worth it. (My pantry and freezer are getting full again!  Yay!)  I love when I see that I saved greater than 60%.  Okay, I LOVE it when I save more than 80%, but that is more rare for me.  I guess I need more practice.  🙂  It is a fun hobby to make my love for shopping even more fun–it becomes a game to see just how much I can save and what deals I can snag.  I am still not very familiar with the location of all the key stores in this area, so that makes some attempts a bit more daunting.  But overall, I think I’m gonna like coupon shopping here.  There are more options for sure.  Of course, that broadens my challenge…

And for non-food supplies, I think Staples will be a new favorite.  I just got 2 reams of paper that will cost me only .25 each after I get my rebate.  Not too bad…  And it is school supply season!  I am giddy just thinking about the deals to come in the next few weeks….  Don’t worry; I will totally keep you posted on the best deals I score!

Guess Who…

Will be the 2012-2013 school year secretary of the PTA? Yep….you guessed it. Me! The verdict is still out on whether this will be a positive or negative experience. But I hope it is a good one. Since K will be starting at the public school this fall, I want to find ways to be involved as much as possible. I plan to spend time in the classroom, but also desire to be as much of an “insider” as possible.

I suppose part of the beauty of small town life is that you run into motivated members of the PTA who heavily recruit “fresh meat.” Some might consider that an annoyance. But honestly, I think this is a God-thing for me. I had been considering participating with the PTA even before I knew they would have one here. I think the PTA does some really great things here (including providing some very low cost entertainment) and I am excited to see what it’s like to “live the dream” of being a PTA mommy. 🙂

A bit of a rant…

I am feeling a bit more calm than I was about 20 minutes ago. But seriously! I have been dealing with this administrative situation with work for…well, just a couple months shy of a year at this point. HFC! (That means Holy Freaking Cow, by the way. I am not an OMG sort of girl as it is a mis-use of God’s name.)

Anyway… Without going into all the gory details, there is a bit of a discrepancy between our statement and theirs with regard to some payments. And oh my it is taking a LOT of my patience to work through it. I think we may finally be close to a breakthrough, though. Thankfully!

The woman I have been talking with graciously responded to my most recent email questions with a phone call. It was the right move, although I admit I was not thrilled to hear her voice on the other end. I had not called her because I am a bit too emotionally involved at this point and was pretty sure I would not come across sounding very kind or patient. (I think I did okay at covering. She didn’t hang up on me or tell me I was rude at least.) 🙂

I do believe we both genuinely want this to be resolved for once and all–no matter whose calculations are off. I am just soooooo ready for it to be over. Pray with me to that end, will you? Pray that God gives me patience, gives both of us clarity, and grants someone–anyone–the eyes to see the missing piece of this puzzle.

I have a song stuck in my head. It is from one of the many CDs K chooses to listen to when she falls asleep. It is from the Songs for Saplings collection that K got from some good friends a couple years ago. All the songs are scripture verses set to music. I love it. Well, I don’t love the musical quality, as it leaves a bit to be desired. But I do love that it is quoting scripture as lyrics.

The one stuck in my head goes something like this: “Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart. Man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” (1 Samuel 16:7). It is really just a portion of the verse, but it is definitely a good reminder to have stuck in my head.

I so often fall into the trap of caring too much what other people think. The only opinion that really matters is God’s. He is the only one who can speak and understand the individual language of the heart. May I remember, in those moments when I fall prey to believing that the opinion of man is to be valued above God’s.

“But the LORD said to Samuel, ‘Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The LORD does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.'” 1 Samuel 16:7

Summer Fun Take 2

This sumer has been super busy so far and chock full of fun.  We enjoyed hanging out in a camp trailer with our friends.  Being avid campers as we are, we traveled super far to get there even–all the way out to our driveway!  🙂  I’ll admit…if I could camp in something like a mini-house and have someone else do all the work to set it up and tear it down, I would be all over it.  We had a good time catching up a bit with some friends from Portland and I personally loved meeting their newest addition and snuggling that little chunky monkey.

E and K had a great time hanging out together.  K camped out in the trailer with them and she LOVED it.  The girl is made for the outdoors, I think.

We’ve also enjoyed our “fun in the sun” purchase for these hot summer months.  (And yes, it is HOT here.  This PNW girl is soooo not made for this melting, sweltering heat.  Oh my.)  Good thing we have a backyard pool to cool off in–and it is longer than I am.  🙂



Summer Fun Take 1

We are enjoying some lovely summer fun already.  We were excited for our recent visit with Mimi and Boppa.  We LOVE it when they come!  And shortly before that we visited some cousins and had a short visit with Grandma and Grandpa.  We love to have people visit us!  And we love visit those we love (and miss)!

Here are just a couple pictures from our fun times.  First, K with Mimi and Boppa on the train–one of her  FAVORITE things to do!


And some fun with cousins and Grandma and Grandpa and friends from our past life.

And we already got to enjoy some VBS fun this past month.  I think there are at least two more we get to enjoy.  🙂