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WOW is about all I can say. It is 3 am Friday morning and I am still reeling from the AMAZINGNESS of God. He just provided our adoption profile fee in a week! We just learned of it when we got the mail yesterday. THIS is the big thing I had asked God to provide by the end of April.

I thought He said no to my timeline because April 30th came and went and we were at 25%. (Which was still amazing, just not what I had hoped and prayed for.)

And then I got the mail yesterday. And there was the other 75%. Can you guess what the date on that check is?!?! YES–APRIL 30th! WOW.

We are still reeling in amazement and awe. There is so much more to say. But for now…. WOW GOD! Praise be to God who gives immeasurably more than we could ask or imagine! And who makes the seemingly impossible possible!


So It’s Been Awhile….

Okay, so I have been a not-so-great blogger. My apologies. Let’s see if I can get back in the swing of things. I really do have a lot to say, apparently just not a lot of time to say it.

This note is pretty much just to say I am back. I suppose only time will tell for how long. In the meantime, enjoy this magnificent concert. Be sure to watch it all to hear what we celebrate at Easter! If you are a friend on FB, you may have already seen this. But it is worth watching again, in my opinion. 🙂

Emotional Smoothie

I am a blender these days. My emotions are being chopped and puréed and mixed this way and that. Perhaps it is the recent trip to our former home, or the busyness of life, or the transition from mother of preschooler to mother of school kid.

I am feeling it most especially in this moment for some reason and find I’d like to curl up under a big blanket and sleep. Or maybe eat. I mean, what better avoidance is there than to enjoy a helping of choice comfort food and then snuggle in for a long nap?!

I can’t decide if this sadness in the pit of my stomach is because it is true that my baby is growing up, or what. I noticed today that a key difference in kindergarten vs preschool and daycare is that I have less of an idea what goes on in her world each day. I get a few hints here and there but it is just not the same as hanging out and chatting with her teacher or caregiver for chunks of time before or after her day. It is a weird feeling and I am not liking that change so much.

I think it is compounded today because the verdict is in on class changes due to over-full classes and K has a new teacher. She is a great lady and I have heard only good things about her. And she was K’s VBS teacher at one church this summer so she already has a rapport with her and I like that she is a Christian. K is excited. But I feel like it is the first day of school all over again. And plus I really liked the first teacher. I am pretty sure it will all work out okay, but apparently I was not truly as laissez-faire as I thought I was. 🙂 Women and their indecision and control issues….

The Other Woman

I have been thinking a lot lately about the Other Woman who is a constant in our lives. She is the vessel God used to give us an incredible gift. Sometimes her presence in our lives is more subtle than others, but lately she has been ever-present in my mind. Even more so lately since we recently had the privilege of hearing from a birth mother panel. And with reaching a rather significant milestone in K’s life I have wondered how her “tummy mommy” is doing with it all.

Open adoption is all the rage (well in the adoption world anyway) and we are learning more about it. I used to feel very insecure about the idea of this “other woman” being so involved in our world on an ongoing basis. But from the first moment of seeing K in the hospital my heart swelled with an enormous amount of gratitude and it has only increased in the days and years since. You see, I am competitive and saw this “Other Woman” as a threat to my family. But it is so not like that at all. Certainly she is sad to say good-bye to traditional parenthood, but also so grateful for the opportunity to give her baby what she believes is best for him or her. And definitely the family is thrilled to receive this gift, but sad to know how painful a loss it is for the woman who delivered. Adoption is in many ways the ultimate picture of bittersweet: such a heartbreaking and sad time for the birth family and such a time of incredible joy and excitement for the adoptive family–wonderfully painful for one and painfully wonderful for the other.

And I guess I also used to be jealous because any child that would enter our lives would always be hers first. And that used to really bother me. It probably shouldn’t, but it did. I’m not gonna lie–sometimes it still does. But K is definitely mine even though she is also hers. At least as “mine” as any child could ever be. Ultimately, our children–no matter how they become part of our family–are God’s and not our own. We are entrusted with their little bodies and minds and it is our privilege and responsibility to care for them, love them, and teach them about the One who made them. But they always have been and always will be HIS–whether or not they are also HERS. Once I embraced that truth, I have more freely been able to welcome the constant presence of this Other Woman, whom I admire and love and hope to meet in Heaven one day. There are only a handful of people in this world that exhibit great courage–and ones who hold the title “birth parent” are definitely part of that crowd.

Day 3 and the honeymoon is over…

You know how some kids require a lot of parent teacher conferences? Ummm yeah…I might have one of those.

It is the third day of school and when I picked K up, I got the

I need to talk to you

from her teacher. You will never guess over what… That stinking school bus! Sheesh this kiddo is D.E.T.E.R.M.I.N.E.D! The first thing she said shouted to me when she spotted me in the crowd of parents was “Mom why are you here?! I am supposed to ride the bus!” And when she was dismissed into my care she promptly burst into tears and went on and on (yet again) about how it is not fair that she does not get to ride the bus like E. Apparently she spent some time today trying to convince her teacher that she was supposed to ride the bus; given what information I have from both parties, I am guessing she argued with Mrs. S for a while insisting she was “not lying” and was “telling the truth.” I am sure she that when I said this morning that some days she could ride the bus, she heard that today she would ride the bus. Pray for K’s teacher–she’s gonna need it!

Something tells me there are some bus rides in K’s future. If only we didn’t live a mere 3 blocks from the school….

Summer Fun Take 3

Does it get any better this this on a hot summer day? K bought this slip n slide with her very own birthday money. She was so proud of her choice and has gotten a TON of great use out of it already. Next step…invite friends over to play on it with us. 🙂 (Daddy and Mommy slid on it with her the first day, but we have been less inclined to end up sore and bruised since that day. I still refuse to believe that means I am old!)

Look at her go! It is still many times of of running up to it, stopping and bending down to get on it, but she does occasionally actually slide on it now. 🙂

Need I say more?!


We had fun with some of our church family this past weekend.  We took a chunk of the day to hang out a local park to talk, play, stroll the riverbank, and eat, eat and eat.

Don’t you wish you could have been there?

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Itty Bitty Get Away

That was then…

We were blessed to get a bit of an overnight get-away for our 10 year anniversary this past Friday.  It took some schedule rearranging and some pleading with new, but already beloved friends, to pawn or precocious kiddo off on them.  (Okay, it was more like we asked and they said yes, but still…I was prepared to plead and beg.)  Our life has been so crazy busy this first half of the year and we were in great need of some refuge and rest.  Truly it was not nearly as long as we could have used (is it ever?!), but it was a blessed reprieve from “real life” just the same.

We enjoyed a fun afternoon and evening away from town to enjoy leisurely meals, talk uninterrupted and celebrate the last ten years of wedded bliss.  (Okay, so maybe several years of wedded bliss and a few years of wedded…adventures.)  🙂   Turns out that as much as we wouldn’t change our present-day life, it was a vivid reminder of how different our life was “pre-K.”   It was much quieter and less boisterous–that is for sure.  But while it was perhaps more peaceful, life was also  much less exciting and loud.   I wouldn’t change much of anything.

…this is now.