That was then…

We were blessed to get a bit of an overnight get-away for our 10 year anniversary this past Friday.  It took some schedule rearranging and some pleading with new, but already beloved friends, to pawn or precocious kiddo off on them.  (Okay, it was more like we asked and they said yes, but still…I was prepared to plead and beg.)  Our life has been so crazy busy this first half of the year and we were in great need of some refuge and rest.  Truly it was not nearly as long as we could have used (is it ever?!), but it was a blessed reprieve from “real life” just the same.

We enjoyed a fun afternoon and evening away from town to enjoy leisurely meals, talk uninterrupted and celebrate the last ten years of wedded bliss.  (Okay, so maybe several years of wedded bliss and a few years of wedded…adventures.)  🙂   Turns out that as much as we wouldn’t change our present-day life, it was a vivid reminder of how different our life was “pre-K.”   It was much quieter and less boisterous–that is for sure.  But while it was perhaps more peaceful, life was also  much less exciting and loud.   I wouldn’t change much of anything.

…this is now.