It was a bright and sunny day. I woke up extra early, excited for the first day of the rest of my life. The date was July 20, 2002. And at 2:00 pm, dressed like a fairy princess, I waltzed down the aisle through fake rose petals toward my Prince Charming: the one who mocked by desire to involve so many children in our wedding; the one who preyed on my fear of snakes during our walks throughout our courtship; the one whose voice and smile makes my stomach do flip flops; the one who caresses my hair and holds my hand; the one whose jokes make me smile even when they aren’t funny; the one who tickles our daughter and chases her around the house and plays silly made up games called crocodile pants; the one who loves and serves me well by making me coffee when I am still not quite awake, and supporting my shopping hobby, and encouraging me to make time for myself, and (more or less) giving me a kitten even though he is not a fan of cats. That same Prince Charming who bugs me and loves me and whom I bug and I love is my very best friend–the one I married ten years ago today. But now he is even more handsome, loving, understanding, patient, sexy and amazing than that younger version from oh-so-long-ago. Time truly does fly when you’re having fun. Matt, I like you a really lot and I am so glad I married you!