My mom is OLD today. Well, at least older than she was yesterday. Her age is easy to track because it is exactly 30 years more than mine. (Or 30 years more than what I will be by the end of this year.) Of course, this was easier to just know off the cuff when I could actually remember my own age. Hmph…must be a sign of aging. Or maybe brilliance. Yeah, let’s go with the latter. 🙂

My mom is pretty great. She even willingly made a special trip north to help us pack up and move. And it’s a good thing, because somebody had to get something done around there. And it clearly wasn’t going to be me.

Hope you have a great “21st” birthday, Mom. Uh…yeah. She *thinks* she turns 21 every summer. She doesn’t. She’s been 21 a LOT. 🙂