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Goodnight Ipad

Goodnight iPad: a Parody for the next generation

This book is an excellent parody for the people of my generation. It was a gift from Matt’s sister and has been a fun read many times in our home for the last few months. It is in the spirit of Goodnight Moon, but is yet so different. If you need an entertaining new bedtime story, check it out. You can order it on Amazon here.



Summer Fun Take 3

Does it get any better this this on a hot summer day? K bought this slip n slide with her very own birthday money. She was so proud of her choice and has gotten a TON of great use out of it already. Next step…invite friends over to play on it with us. 🙂 (Daddy and Mommy slid on it with her the first day, but we have been less inclined to end up sore and bruised since that day. I still refuse to believe that means I am old!)

Look at her go! It is still many times of of running up to it, stopping and bending down to get on it, but she does occasionally actually slide on it now. 🙂

Need I say more?!


We had fun with some of our church family this past weekend.  We took a chunk of the day to hang out a local park to talk, play, stroll the riverbank, and eat, eat and eat.

Don’t you wish you could have been there?

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Itty Bitty Get Away

That was then…

We were blessed to get a bit of an overnight get-away for our 10 year anniversary this past Friday.  It took some schedule rearranging and some pleading with new, but already beloved friends, to pawn or precocious kiddo off on them.  (Okay, it was more like we asked and they said yes, but still…I was prepared to plead and beg.)  Our life has been so crazy busy this first half of the year and we were in great need of some refuge and rest.  Truly it was not nearly as long as we could have used (is it ever?!), but it was a blessed reprieve from “real life” just the same.

We enjoyed a fun afternoon and evening away from town to enjoy leisurely meals, talk uninterrupted and celebrate the last ten years of wedded bliss.  (Okay, so maybe several years of wedded bliss and a few years of wedded…adventures.)  🙂   Turns out that as much as we wouldn’t change our present-day life, it was a vivid reminder of how different our life was “pre-K.”   It was much quieter and less boisterous–that is for sure.  But while it was perhaps more peaceful, life was also  much less exciting and loud.   I wouldn’t change much of anything.

…this is now.

At least someone was happy about vacuuming water out of the washer…

Not that I don’t love having a washer and dryer and dishwasher and all…. but seriously. Sometimes I think it would be faster to wash things by hand. Our washer kept giving me 2 letter sass that I had to look up in the troubleshooting section of the manual to decipher exactly what it wanted from me.  It just wouldn’t drain. Sheesh.  And now it won’t do anything except turn on!  AAAAARGGGH.

I finally resorted to sucking it dry with the shop-vac. There was about ten gallons of water in there! Is that normal?

See the pretty blue Kirkland detergent water in there? If only it would have drained out….

I think these “modern day conveniences” can sometimes be less than they are advertised to be. And sometimes they cause me MORE work rather than less. Of course, my great grandmother might think differently about that… Washboard washer and line dry, here I come?! Nah…I’ll stick with my modern day conveniences no matter how inconvenient. I don’t like dishpan–or washboard–hands. But then, I do like clean clothes….  And currently I can have one, but not the other without the first.  Or a laundromat.

Suggestions anyone?    If all else fails, we will have to resort to a real repairman.  :/ Say it ain’t so!

Funny Girl

Kids say the funniest things. K is full of surprises. This will be familiar to those of you who are Facebook friends, but it is too funny to not mention here, where it can be saved for all posterity. (Does that even make sense? I don’t feel like looking it up to make sure…)

We have this kitten who is very playful and doesn’t quite get that her claws are poky and sharp. K gets frustrated with Rainbow (the kitten) because she frequently gets hurt by her. So the other morning K came and told me that Rainbow is mean because she scratched her. The conversation went something like this:

Me: Rainbow is still little and she is learning to be nice.
K: No she isn’t. She is big.
Me: She is bigger, but she is still little. Kinda like you: you are getting bigger but you are still little.
K: (sarcastically, with head shake and eye roll, and tone of disgusted disbelief). “Really. I am a baby cat? Really?” **If only you could have seen her and heard her tone. She was soooo exasperated that I would even suggest such a thing. Which, for the record, I didn’t. She drew that parallel herself and drew a conclusion from it. Smart as a whip she is!

Sunday morning we were walking to church and she told me she didn’t feel good. I asked where she didn’t feel good and she said: “My stomach hurts. It is going to throw a rock at me.” Ummmm….okay? (I think she maybe felt like she would throw up? Thankfully, that feeling passed.)

About a week ago, a short conversation went something like this:
K: “Who is coming over tonight?”
Matt: “No one.”
K: “But then why is our house so clean?!”
Ummm….yeah. That says a bit more about me than I’d like to admit….

And earlier this week:
Me: “What did you do at school today?
K: “I made pizza. All by myself. I didn’t need Miss Lisa’s help.”
Me: “Wow. What kind of pizza?”
K: “Macaroni.”
Me: “Do you mean pepperoni?”
K: (adamantly). “No. Macaroni.”
Me: “What did the macaroni look like?”
K: “Like this.” (She made a circle with her fingers.) “It was red.”

3,653 days ago…

It was a bright and sunny day. I woke up extra early, excited for the first day of the rest of my life. The date was July 20, 2002. And at 2:00 pm, dressed like a fairy princess, I waltzed down the aisle through fake rose petals toward my Prince Charming: the one who mocked by desire to involve so many children in our wedding; the one who preyed on my fear of snakes during our walks throughout our courtship; the one whose voice and smile makes my stomach do flip flops; the one who caresses my hair and holds my hand; the one whose jokes make me smile even when they aren’t funny; the one who tickles our daughter and chases her around the house and plays silly made up games called crocodile pants; the one who loves and serves me well by making me coffee when I am still not quite awake, and supporting my shopping hobby, and encouraging me to make time for myself, and (more or less) giving me a kitten even though he is not a fan of cats. That same Prince Charming who bugs me and loves me and whom I bug and I love is my very best friend–the one I married ten years ago today. But now he is even more handsome, loving, understanding, patient, sexy and amazing than that younger version from oh-so-long-ago. Time truly does fly when you’re having fun. Matt, I like you a really lot and I am so glad I married you!

The Ebb and Flow

My life consists–as I am sure many lives do–of an emotional ebb and flow. For me, a lot of my ebb and flow surrounds my feelings regarding my circumstances. And one circumstance in particular that I often allow to dictate my feelings is in regard to my inability to conceive. (You can read more about that here.) Thankfully I am currently experiencing the “flow.” I noticed this when we recently had friends visit with their new baby. I enjoyed him immensely. Sometimes it is just purely painful for me to be around babies. I am better at hiding that pain than I used to be, but my heart still feels like it is being stabbed in those times of “ebbing.” I am thankful for the “flows;” for the days and weeks it hurts less and is not the glaring sore that it is in those other times. The emotional ebbs and flows tend to catch me by surprise. Many times I am not even sure myself whether it is an ebb or a flow sort of day or moment. Shortly before their arrival, I was a little anxious about how I might inwardly respond to being around their little one. But I truly enjoyed snuggling his squishy body and petting his silky hair. Why is it that we like to pet the hair of babies?! Maybe it is just me. But it is sooooo silky smooth and soft!

I am thankful for the “flow” moments and days. I am especially thankful that as I grow in this area of struggle that there is more flowing than ebbing. Either I am growing in my pain tolerance; time is allowing my wound to heal; or I am better understanding God’s character and growing in trusting His plan even when I don’t like it or understand it. Maybe it is a little bit of each of those.


God takes great delight in you. Did you know that? Do you believe that our Heavenly father truly delights in you? To delight means: to find a great amount of pleasure or joy in; rapture.

Are you a parent? Do you delight in your children? The smiles; the laughs; the funny things they say? Remember the time you most strongly felt that sense of amazed delightedness? Now multiply that by infinity and you will know how God feels about you. He delights in you, my friend.

Even when you are acting far from delightful, He takes great delight in you and rejoices over you with singing.

Amazing, isn’t it?

“The LORD your God is with you, he is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing.”
—–Zephaniah 3:17 (NIV)

I seriously need to break up with a few of my very favorite “friends.” Lately I have just been hanging out with them way too much and it is beginning to take a toll on me personally and affect others who also like to spend time with me. But breaking up IS hard to do–especially when you have such fun together! But it has to be done. So, I think I need to say good-bye for a while to a few of my favorites: sugar, soda, and other various starches. Those close to me that live in my closet have been getting especially jealous and clinging much more tightly to me than usual. I think they are angry I have been putting my favorite friends ahead of them. So, sugar, soda and starch–as much as I truly love you, we must simply take a bit of a break for a while. If I anger my closet friends much more they may end up strangling me.